Inventor Concept Appraisal

You need not be a professional inventor to submit your product concept to COMPANY 5. We are in the business of brainstorming, able to see the potential of an idea even if it’s not fully formed. No prototypes or patents are required for this review process. Written descriptions and/or sketches will do.

Product concepts are licensed to toy manufacturers. That is, they pay you for the rights to make your idea into a toy. You receive a percentage of each sale of that toy to a retailer. Imagine the excitement of seeing your idea turned into a product and sold on toy shelves!

Is your idea substantially different? Toy companies want ideas that are original. They must have a unique feature or great play value. Ideally, there is potential for other versions of the idea so an entire product line can be made.

When you consider the work involved, COMPANY 5 charges a very modest fee to appraise your concept. We will review our extensive library of past toys and consult our experts who have a combined 50 years’ experience as product developers in the toy industry. COMPANY 5 evaluates ideal materials; manufacturing capabilities; packaging essentials; merchandising requirements - all of the many, necessary elements that only experts can envision. We determine product “fit” and target manufacturers with professional presentations that will address issues of utmost interest to them. Company 5 will contact you within 4 weeks upon payment receipt with your concept appraisal.

To proceed with your dream of being a licensed inventor follow these simple steps:

  1. 1. Print and complete both the Non Disclosure and Concept Description forms.

  2. 2. Attach check or money order for $75 U.S. dollars* for the Concept Appraisal fee.

  3. 3. Enclose postage for the return of supplemental materials (drawings; videos; etc.) without which COMPANY 5 cannot be held responsible for their return.

*$125 U.S. dollars outside of the United States, plus RETURN POSTAGE.